Posted on 18/10/2019

Linden Apiaries

HONEY: $22/quart, $260/5 gallons
Raw, not excessively filtered
Recommended treatment for burns and wounds: antibacterial properties
Prevents the growth of dental plaque bacteria
Caffeic acids in honey inhibit colon and skin cancer
Moisturizer: exfoliate the skin and increase the rate of cell renewal
Contains little sucrose (0.5-1.0%)

BEE POLLEN: $30 per quart
Nature's most complete food!
Contains: protein; most vitamins (especially the B-complex and beta-carotenes), most minerals, linoleic acid, glutamic acid, many enzymes and coenzymes, 15% rutin and 15% lecithin, and resveratrol
69 calories/ounce
Collected daily and promptly frozen
Treats: chronic prostatitis, hypertension
Protects against radiation (X-rays and radiation therapy)
Antioxidant, free-radical scavenging, and anti-cancer due to carotenoids
Anti-allergenic: acts on the auto-immune system to desensitize

PROPOLIS: $17/2 oz.
Mixture of plant resins, gums, exudates collected by bees, primarily from poplar and birch trees
Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, capillary strengthening, Local anesthetic
Aids in healing burns, colitis, wounds, infections, ulcers, gum and mouth problems, Diminishes halitosis
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